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That's right, finished college forever! Now on to the big scary real world. Don't think it's sunken in yet, won't for a while I imagine.
We had an end of year exhibition of our work at Farmleigh, Phoenix Park and I sold some pieces, plus I got the honour of keeping a piece of mine at the college. Sorta cool.

For now I'll be taking a well-deserved break, but soon I'll be looking for ways to make money off my drawings. Will probably start up commissions again soon. That reminds me, I think I was commissioned a long while ago by some folk on here, so if you have can you please remind me what it was you asked for and if you're still interested <¦D I understand if you're not, it was an unforgivably long time ago.
Might start up an etsy store or something and sell prints, sketchbooks and original art. Could be a good idea :)
Then, when I've improved even further and put together a good portfolio, I'll send my work off to different studios and stuff hopefully, for concept art work and book illustration. That's the dream!

Will try to post some more stuff up soon, have some sketches in the works. Gonna be drawing loads over the summer and well...for the rest of my life I guess!

Got tagged some time ago too, so here goes.

Here's the rules, deviants

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 Facts about themselves in their journal.
3. Then Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you are reading this." You legitimately (AKA, really, truly, with all honesty) have to tag 11 people.

My Facts:

1. I used to be afraid of dogs but now I have no fear of them. I just want to cuddle them now :3
2. Both of my cats were born in the wild and rescued from near-death situations.
3. I love martial arts masters that are utterly wise and benevolent, like Huo Yuanjia, Ip man and Master Oogway :D. I wish I was like them.
4. It is very hard for me to go into town without wanting to go into every bookshop I pass, incase it holds a rare gem inside!
5. I like to take naps, but hate waking up from them...
6. For the last while I've been having really vivid dreams, many of which involve superheroes or unfinished homework.
7. My last year of college was the most fun and most successful for me. I didn't miss a single deadline.
8. The quiz show QI is one of my favourites. It's comforting to watch or have it on in the background.
9. When The Hobbit movie comes out I'm going to buy all the action figures ¦B
10. I have a man-crush on Joseph Mawle >_>. I think his face is very interesting....
11. I suffer from cyclothymia, a mild bipolar disorder that is very hard to diagnose. I know it's not fun, but if you have something similar, let me say it's not all bad. Such is the artistic temperament.


1. What are you currently doing?
I am currently typing this all out ¦D
...Okay, I'm watching a programme about Stephen Fry's guilty pleasures.
2. What is your earliest memory?
My earliest memory is when I was four years old and I was walking to school. I specifially remember feeling like I had suddenly woken up and thinking 'what the heck just happened?'
3. Any significant event that happened in your life that affected you, positively or negatively?
It might not seem significant to others, but walking with my mother and brothers in the John F Kennedy Arboretum in Wexford. I had two epiphanies that day. That my family is the most important thing to me, and that I want to create things that everyone can enjoy; to inspire and enrich, not offend or alienate.
4. Best choice you have ever made in your life?
That's's probably something simple like taking up drawing and not giving into peer pressure, like, ever.
5. Worst choice you have ever made in your life?
I know the answer to that but I'd rather not say it. All I'll say is, don't devote yourself to only one thing.
6. Current muse?
Many. Still trolls, the work of Paul Bonner and Mike Mignola/Duncan Fegredo, nature. The usual.
7. Has anything spooky ever happened to you?
Yes. I was on a trip to Achill with my class in Transition Year of secondary school and we went on a long hike/camping trip. I had to go to the toilet at night so I went up a hill away from everyone else. I brought a torch with me and before I started to tinkle I pointed it to my right and saw a pair of glowing eyes staring back at me from the dark O_O I wanted to get out of there, but my current business was more urgent apparently.
8. Current pet peeve?
I have two. When people don't rince there dishes after use, and people who try to make everything their business or want all the attention and praise.
9. Tell us an interesting fact about one of your parents!
My mother is a huge Hellboy fangirl. All but one of her profile pics on facebook have been of Hellboy.
10. Where do you hope you be in 10 years from now?
I hope to be a great illustrator. Not mediocre or generic, but one of the greats. The likelihood of that happening is slim however.
11. What is your take on the meaning of life?
Hmmmmm, let's see. I don't really know to be honest. Does life have to have a meaning? It just 'is'. I suppose what I can say about the purpose of one's own life is to make sure you don't take it for granted and not to let it pass you by, sitting at your computer all d-......oh.

My Questions:

1. What movie are you most looking forward to this year?
2. What has changed most about you since you were a child?
3. What do you think about when you listen to music?
4. If you could be the best at drawing one thing, what would it be?
5. Your favourite mythical creature?
6. What was/is your experience of school?
7. Is there something you truly treasure?
8. What was the last really funny thing you saw happen in real life?
9. Have you ever given anything away when you were younger and now regret it?
10. What is one thing in particular that baffles you with it's existence?
11. What do you get when you cross an owl and a bungie cord?

I tag:
I'm not tagging anyone. Do it if you want. Or don't. I'm not a cop.
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Yonaka-Yamako Featured By Owner May 19, 2012
:boogie: :dance: :squee:
eoghankerrigan Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
KakashiMorph Featured By Owner May 19, 2012
eoghankerrigan Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Spectral-Beanie Featured By Owner May 19, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aint life just grand :D nyahahah Dont worry Viking brah :P your gona knock the world dead with your sketchs of awesomeness..ness ness :D
eoghankerrigan Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Hopefully D
Kinotsune Featured By Owner May 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
to keep this short: congratulations and welcome to this big scary real world. : D After being there since 10 years i am no good example of what you might will be turned into, but... feel very welcome here. ;0
eoghankerrigan Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks B
Kinotsune Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
naww... i feel for you. ;0 but bills sadly to not pay themselves... sigh
LaraBlackEarl Featured By Owner May 18, 2012
Congrats!! ((>w<)) I'm so glad you did it well in college :") You must go celebrate! >w<9 XD

I bet you'll be one of the greatest illustrators in life and then I'll be able to tell people I met you when you were here on dA =w= Mwahahahaha! #oknot

But I truly do believe so, because your work is simply brilliant. And if you manage to make it even better... Gawd!! ((>w<))

It was interesting reading this journal :") It's always appreciated when someone we know tells us new things about them. It gives one the feeling that you're nearer, I think : ) Thank you for that! ^^

Btw, I just wanted to say I've been commenting a bit too much in your FB stats lately XD Haha. Ha.

Again, congratulations! I know you'll do just fine in the big scary world! :"D :hug: Go for it! >w<9
eoghankerrigan Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I celebrated with some friends last night, twas fun :)

I hope so!

I don't mind xD

LaraBlackEarl Featured By Owner May 20, 2012
Cool :"D


You welcome, mate! ^^
Himmapaan Featured By Owner May 18, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist

Thanks for sharing those facts about you. Very interesting and actually offer some real insight as opposed to the kind of answers one generally encounters in these things. =P I like QI, too. I also agree that Joseph Mawle has an interesting face, and I love Master Oogway. :D
eoghankerrigan Featured By Owner May 18, 2012  Student Traditional Artist

:D I'm not embarrassed by telling people personal things about myself, but of course everyone has their secrets.
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